Basic Supervisor Awareness Training

Basic Supervisor Awareness Training

The job of Supervisors in the Construction, Maintenance and Industrial fields carries an increasing amount of responsibility. This course will assist supervisors in fulfilling the Health and Safety aspects of this position. The concepts covered will also help the supervisor be in a position to demonstrate his/her fulfillment of these responsibilities if required.

Topics covered include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act for Ontario and application regulations.
  • Internal Responsibility System.
  • Responsibilities of Supervisors, Employers Constructors and Workers.
  • Rights of workers in Ontario.
  • Tools for supervisors.
  • Log books.
  • Training matrix for record keeping.
  • Worker Training acknowledgements.
  • Safety talks.
  • The concept of progressive discipline in managing workers.
  • Brief history of Health and Safety in Canada.
  • Historical Accidents, their causes, injuries, consequences and subsequent legal penalties.

Students will be encouraged to develop their own systems including - machine inspection checklists and templates, forms specific to their workplace.

Price $150.00
Course Length 4 hrs